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Natural Zing's Affiliate Program

Affiliate Benefits
Earn a commission on referral retail sales on our website. We offer monthly specials for affiliates that you can promote to encourage customers to buy online through your affiliate link.

How to set up a Natural Zing LLC affiliate account?

What is an affiliate program?
Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each customer brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts.

Who should consider becoming an affiliate?
If you have a websites that is related to our product line or our product line compliments your website our affiliate program would be a good fit. Some examples might be health practitioners, nutritionists, health related bloggers, raw food or vegetarian life style bloggers, environmentalist sites, Ning organizers of related focuses, forum organizers of related focuses, face book sites of passionate customers and anyone who recommends our products to others. Why not earn a commission for referring people to Natural Zing? Sites that focus on affiliate programs also do well.

How does it work?
You have a link on your site or in emails to Natural Zing's website (you will have a special unique affiliate number in your link). For each customer that purchases after coming through the link you will receive a commission on every order. For the next 90 days every time that customer orders you continue to receive commission on their orders. We start at a 6% commission but depending on volume this can go up to 12%. You can link to our home page, catalog page, specific product categories, and specific products. This requires very little work on your part. If you are interested in this program you can sign up at

Why sign up for Natural Zing's affiliate program?

  1. Natural Zing's has over 1,000 products in which to choose. We offer great service from a knowledgeable customer care reps to fast delivery. We usually ship within 24 hours of receiving order.
  2. We search the entire World for high quality unique raw food items and supplements.
  3. You keep earning commission on the customer for 90 days from the time they when through your link. If they go through your link again you get 90 more days.
  4. We offer one tier level. If you know someone else that is passionate about our product selection you can have them sign up under you and earn commission on their sales.
  5. Natural Zing LLC provides training to its affiliates with extensive online affiliate video training, articles, attached training documents, and FAQs.
  6. Natural Zing LLC provides sales incentives with monthly specials that are just for affiliates to promote on their sites and contests.
  7. Natural Zing LLC has a dedicated affiliate blog which contains announcements, inspirational articles, specials, and training.
  8. Natural Zing LLC has a special program for Raw Food Chefs, Health Coaches, and Health Counselors. See below for more information on program.

Raw Food Chef / Coach / Health Counselor Program

Raw food chef's can make additional income by selling raw food kitchen tools and raw foods to students at events (i.e. classes), by helping students set up their kitchens and pantries with raw food tools and food supplies, and by offering on going support to their students. Natural Zing LLC is a perfect partner and resource to as you help your students find and obtain the supplies/food they need to be successful in the raw diet.


1. Sell at your event. Set up a wholesale account with Natural Zing LLC and have some popular kitchen tools and supplies available for students to buy at your event.

2. Set up an affiliate relationship with Natural Zing where you can earn 10% commission on orders taken at your event or for orders that your students place through your affiliate link. Note: Kitchen appliances earn a 3% commission (blenders, juicers, dehydrators, etc).

Call 1-866-729-9464 for more information about the program and and application for the program.

How to set up an affiliate account:

Food Manufacturer Program

A small to mid-size food manufacturer has enough to manage. You may get request to sell directly to consumers, but with the food manufacturing and selling wholesale, you don't have time to manage a website and ship out small orders all over the world. That is where Natural Zing can help. Not only can we distribute your product, but you can put up a website that points retail sales to Natural Zing's shopping cart. You can create links that are product specific and in stead of spending all of your time and money trying to ship out small orders, you can keep your consumers happy and make a commission on every sale. Also, your consumers can find other items from any of our many categories that they may like and you earn commission on those items as well. Commission rate run at 10% & 12% depending upon volume. Set up an affiliate account: today and call us for help in creating links and any other additional support. 301-703-4116.

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