Laver, Maine Coast, (Raw, Organic) 1 oz

Laver, Maine Coast,  (Raw, Organic) 1 oz

From Maine Coast Sea Vegetables: Laver - Wild Atlantic Nori, Certified Organic

Purple/black Laver is a wild North Atlantic cousin to Japanese nori, and has been enjoyed in the British Isles for centuries. These un-sheeted whole, wild plants are best lightly roasted before use. Dry roasting brings out a nutty salty flavor, delicious crumbled onto soups, salads, pasta, potatoes or popcorn. Of the North Atlantic coast sea vegetables, Laver is high in nourishing properties. Our Laver is certified organic by OCIA and Maine Coast voluntarily tests for heavy metal, chemical, and microbiological contaminants. A Raw Food.

Make your seasoning: Grind up a assortment of dried seaweed like Laver, Nori, Kelp and use in a shaker. Shake on some seaweed. Grandma Bachelder used to always keep kelp powder in her salt shaker in the 70's and 80's. She didn't have salt. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.

Available in 1 oz. reclosable bag


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