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Pau d' Arco Loose, Lapacho Tea Cut, 100g (Raw, Wildcrafted)

The Pau d'Arco tree is the only tree in the rainforest that doesn't have fungus growing on it. Pau d'Arco tea is said to have been an incredible herb with beneficial properties in South America.

Pau d'Arco has been used by shaman in Brazil for at least a thousand years. Its use gradually spread to other parts of South America and beyond. Kallawaya tribal healers of Bolivia and Brazil call this bark tea "tajibo." In Peru a tea made from the inner bark, known as "tarota," is used by tribal healers of the Asháninka, Campas and Inca tribes. Pau d'Arco tea is also used traditionally by the Huastec Mayan people of Mexico.

The normal preparation is a small amount of scraped bark prepared as a tea. The taste is reported to be heady and pleasant.

This Pau d'Arco is ethically harvested without killing the tree. The sale of this product helps protect the rainforest from being cut down for cattle farming and supports indigineous peoples.

Net Wt.:100 grams


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