Goji Berry Seeds, Packet of 100 w/Booklet

Goji Berry Seeds, Packet of 100 w/Booklet

Organic Goji Berry Seeds, Packet of 100

Get a packet of goji berry seeds and also the booklet, The Goji Berry Growing Reference. You provide some pots and soil and start growing goji berries.

This packages includes:
* Organic Goji Berry Seeds, packet of 100 or more
* Booklet - The Goji Berry Growing Reference, printed and electronic formats (pdf format unless another is specified)

Description Common Name: Goji Berry Scientific Name: Fructus Lycium Chinensis Other Similar Plant Names: Matrimony Vines, Lycium Barbarum, Wolfberry USDA Hardiness Zones: 3 – 7, possibly 8 – 10 Lighting: Prefers Full Sun, Full to partial Sun. Ground Condition: Well drained, non-acidic Plant Height: 10’, cut to 5’ in Fall for better fruit production. Pollination: Self-pollinating Years to Bearing: 2 years Years to Maximum Production: 4 – 5 years

The purpose of The Goji Berry Growing Reference is to give to specific detailed information on growing goji berries. We hope growing your own food will give you the confidence to grow even more great things. The goji berry plant can be a little more challenging to grow than other berry bushes, or a vegetable and herb garden.

Goji berries can grow in the US and throughout the world. Adverse conditions do not seem to bother them after they are established. They survive temperatures up to 98F (37 C) and very dry conditions. They can survive winter cold as low as -13F (-24C). In the US the goji berry plant does fine in the zones 3-7. The goji berry plant will grow into a shrub like bush and can have long stems. Prune to increase yield. The plant will flower after 2 years and begin fruit production with maximum fruiting by the 4th or 5th year and thereafter.

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This product may qualify for FREE SHIPPING. You get the electronic and printed versions of The Goji Berry Growing Reference.


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