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Cacao Powder (Raw, Premium) 10 lb

Cacao powder/Cocoa Powder (raw, organic) 10 lb

Our truly raw organic cocoa powder from Ecuador. This cocoa powder is 22-24% cocoa butter by weight, a truly raw cocoa powder. The slightly grainier variety is now ground finer and smoother like more traditional cocoa powders. Our cocoa powder is made by cold-pressing our highest quality organic raw cacao beans into a cake, which separates the oil from the fiber, making a dark brown paste called chocolate liquor. The temperature is never allowed to exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit but usually only reaches 104 degrees. A high accuracy thermometer monitors this process. Other cocoa powders can be exposed to temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, the fat is slowly separated into cacao butter and what remains is a cake. This cake or cocoa solid is then cold-milled to become a truly raw organic unsweetened cocoa powder. Compare to any store brands organic or not and see the difference for yourself.

Once some of the fat has been removed no extra ingredients are added, such as sugar. It is one of the best forms of chocolate you will enjoy.


Storage: Refrigeration or storage in a cool, dry place (out of direct sunlight) is recommended, yet not required.

Here are some suggestions of how to enjoy your cocoa powder: Add it to your favorite smoothies, teas, coffee mixes, protein drinks, desserts or even sprinkle it on your salad!

Cool off with a frozen non-milk shake!
2 T. Almond Butter
2 heaping T. Cocoa Powder
1/4c . Agave Nectar
2 c. water 1/4 t. Salt 1. Blend all ingredients except ice. 2. Blend ice.

Net Wt.: 10 lb


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