Wellness Secrets for Life: Owner's Manual for the Human Body

Wellness Secrets for Life: Owner\'s Manual for the Human Body
Wellness Secrets For Life: An Owner's Manual For The Human Body'' by A True Ott, PhD

For your most valued asset, your body, this is the most important book to have in your possession. True Ott has conducted extensive research over his life and had pulled it together for us in this "owners manual".

Every new vehicle comes equipped with something called an owner's manual, which explains in minute detail how the car operates, and what preventative maintenance and fluid additives should be systematically provided. Yet a new vehicle's value is only a tiny fraction of your physical body's health. This book is designed to be your body's "Owner's Manual". The truth it contains will help you maintain your health, and may very well help you regain lost vitality if you currently suffer from disease. More importantly, it is packed with COMMON SENSE, something that is too often overlooked in today's health care system.

In the book you will find amazing material on the role minerals, especially angstrom-sized minerals, play in your health. Angstrom-sized minerals are 1,000,000 times smaller than colloidal minerals. Research done by the US military and the National Institute of Health (NIH) on angstrom-sized minerals began as far back as the 1950's, however this research was not made available to the public until now. US Government agencies have made efforts to keep this information away from public knowledge and access.

Angstrom-sized minerals are an enormous advancement in mineral technology. They represent a quantum leap in nutrition. Unlike bulky, difficult to absorb, colloidal minerals or mineral compounds (calcium citrate, calcium carbonate, copper glutinate, chromium picolinate, zinc picolinate, potassium sorbate, etc.) all of which clog up the system, angstrom-sized minerals are small enough so that they are nearly 100% assimilated by the human body. Angstrom-sized minerals are found in plants and are now available in angstrom-sized mineral supplements with distilled water.

Complete mineralization of all body tissues and organs is necessary for achieving optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Because they are bound to hydrogen molecules, angstrom minerals are capable crossing the blood brain barrier and increasing neurotransmission and brain power.

Find out about where Sodium Floride comes from and why it is in our tap water. Read about farmers that went before the Senate in the 1920's to discuss the demineralization of our crops lands, and were ignored.

A. True Ott also publishes a DVD called The Trial of the Century, available here, which explains how traditional medicine began, its links to big oil and cancer. Other products include Indium and Gold. Call 1-888-729-9464 for a complete list of Angstrom minerals available.

pgs. 164 pages, softcover.


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