The Live Food Factor by author Susan Schenck( 2nd Edition)

The Live Food Factor by author Susan Schenck( 2nd Edition)

New 2nd Edition includes Natural Hygiene section

The Live Food Factor by author S Schenck( 2nd Edition). A comprehensive guide, not only to the raw food diet, but also to the raw food movement! This 500+ page book has been a four-year project by author Susan Schenck, a licensed acupuncturist and health expert, as well as educator adept at organizing information. You will find:

• A summary of over 50 published scientific studies proving the advantages of a raw diet and the hazards of eating cooked food! Finally, a book you can give to your family, friends, and even MDs that has all the proof you need to convince them of the superiority of the raw food diet. The cited studies present that we have not genetically adapted to cooked foods!

• 10 solid, well-researched reasons to stop the insane practice of cooking!

• How to avoid 13 common pitfalls that raw fooders typically make!

• 27 of the most frequently asked questions about the raw food diet and their answers!

• A discussion of the most 16 controversial nutritional issues!

• A brief history of the raw food movement and a “who’s who” guide to modern day leaders!

• A “how-to” section that includes various strategies for transitioning to the diet, valuable info on detoxification, how to travel and socialize on this diet, and what foods and kitchen gadgets you’ll need.

• Over 60 delicious raw recipes: soups, desserts, entrees, snacks, appetizers, beverages, etc.!

• 17 testimonials of health with this powerful diet alone, including some with “before” and “after” photos.

• The startling revelation of how food and drug companies keep you ignorant in order to profit from your cooked food addiction and illness!

• Coverage of all branches of the raw food movement!

• Sample menus for one week on the diet.

• A resource guide for raw fooders, including raw food restaurants (USA & Canada), fasting centers, MDs open to the raw diet and fasting in several English-speaking countries worldwide, raw food and health web sites, and where to buy specialty raw foods.

Glossary 485
Index 491

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