Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko

Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko

Green For Life
by Victoria Boutenko

The latest book from the famous Boutenko family!

A book that explains the importance of eating Greens as part of your lifestyle -- whether you eat a raw living food diet or the Standard American Diet or are somewhere in between. (Interesting parallels are actually drawn from the diet of Chimpanzees.)

Victoria was looking for a way to improve the raw food diet - a diet based on fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and avocados. While this eating regiment helped her family's health tremendously, Victoria couldn't help but notice something was missing. After extensive research, she came to the conclusion that without a sufficient amount of greens one cannot reach optimal health.

Greens make our body more alkaline, add fiber, and provide a wide spectrum of prime nutrients. Chlorophyll effectively aids in the healing of many human ailments. Green for Life explains why eating more green leafy vegetables can help normalize the acidity level in the stomach. Greens can give us so much energy we will actually require less sleep.

Green for Life includes 23 delicious smoothie recipes with ingredients like romaine, strawberries, and bananas, to get you started on drinking your way to a healthier life. Plus, Victoria shares the testimonies of her research subjects who drank 1 quart of her green smoothie every day with astonishing results.

We suggest trying a Kale, Apple & Ginger blended drink made in a Vitamix blender. Fill blender with kale, one apple, a good chunk of ginger, sea salt and 3+ cups water. This drink will give a boost to any lifestyle.

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