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DVD: Fresh and Alive DVD Package with Ken Rohla

DVD: Fresh and Alive DVD Package with Ken Rohla


This packages consists of 2 DVDs, Printed recipes and a Food combining chart. Hippocrates Health Educator, Ken Rohla, shows you step-by-step how to make 27 of his exclusive, easy, and great-tasting recipes, from salads and raw pasta dishes to crackers, snacks, smoothies, and desserts, including information on proper food combining, recommended equipment and its use, juicing wheatgrass and green drinks, food prep tricks, and much more.

With over 3-1/2 hours of video on two DVDs, this will show you the techniques to also make the variety of dishes found in other raw food recipe books. Each recipe is indexed in the DVD menu so you can go right to the recipe you want to watch - no wading through a long video to find what you're looking for.

This DVD comes with all the recipes in a booklet for quick reference in your kitchen, and a food combining chart for enjoying truly healthy raw vegan meals.

We know intuitively that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for us. We humans are the only organisms on this planet that cook our food, and until recently, our diet has been composed of whole foods. Yet in this day of prepackaged, processed food, few of us eat directly from nature anymore, or even know how to prepare whole foods. Live plants are a natural delivery system of complex nutrients, structured water, and energies perfectly designed to sustain, heal, and rejuvenate the body. Only consumption of raw and living plants regenerates the human body and cells; cooked food actually degenerates cells. Hippocrates, Pythagoras, the Essenes and other ancients knew this thousands of years ago. Now modern science is understanding why. The raw and living vegetarian diet is once again becoming popular because, quite simply, in an increasingly toxic world, it works powerfully and safely to heal and rejuvenate the body with no side effects. Our bodies are designed to utilize plants to regain and maintain health. From the world's greatest natural healing clinics and world-renowned chefs, a new "living food" cuisine has emerged. Recommended by Chef Bliss. Now you can make our ancient foods for the modern palate. In this step-by-step video, Hippocrates educator and living foods chef, Ken Rohla, teaches you:

* how to make 27 delicious, quick, and easy gourmet raw and living vegetarian recipes
* about healthy food choices and combinations
* how to make highly rejuvenative wheatgrass juice and green drinks
* how to grow super nutritious sprouts simply and cheaply in your kitchen
* what equipment to use and how to use it
* time-saving food prep tricks and techniques.

After suffering for 38 years with health issues and severe hypoglycemia, Ken found a cu re with living foods and herbs when conventional medi cine, nutri ceuticals, diets, potions and pills, failed. By overwhelming demand, Ken began teaching in 2003 and has studied with some of the world's most renowned and successful natural healers.

* Introduction: Why Raw Vegetarian?;
* Food Combining;
* Importance of Organic Food;
* Healthy Oils, Salts, & Sweeteners;
* Kitchen Equipment: Blenders, Food Processors, Juicers
* Easy Kitchen Sprouting
* Juicing Wheatgrass, Cleaning the Juicer
* Ken's Green Drink
* Ken's Cuke Cooler
* Chocolate (Cacao) Smoothie
* Deep Blue Smoothie
* Pineapple Sports Drink, Slicing A Pineapple
* Mediterranean Dressing
* Lebanese Dressing
* French Dressing 4
* Jackie Chan's Dressing
* Japanese Dressing
* Corn Chips, Using A Dehydrator
* Raw Vegan Pimento Cheese
* Guacamole Mexicali

FRESH AND ALIVE RECIPE DVD by Ken Rohla DVD 2 (116 Minutes)
* Raw Hummus
* Tex-Mex Pistachios
* Raw Tacos
* Salad Sprinkles
* Daikon Salad, Using A Spiral Slicer
* Pad Thai
* Zucchini Pasta
* French Squash Pasta
* Power Salads
* Almond Tabouli
* Greek Cucumber Salad
* Avocado Salad
* Coconut Tomato Salad,
* Shelling A Mature Coconut
* Sweet Pea Salad

DVD Package: 2 DVDs, Recipe Booklet and Food Combining Chart K. Rohla 217 minutes total time.

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