Noni Juice (100% Noni, Fermented, Unpasteurized) 32 oz

Noni Juice (100% Noni, Fermented, Unpasteurized) 32 oz

Noni Juice Unpasteurized. Dietary Supplement. We have finally found a high quality, raw/unpasteurized noni juice that meets our high expectations.

This is 100% Pure Certified Organic Hawaiian Noni fruit juice (Morinda citrifolia). Unpasteurized and traditionally fermented. Cold pressed from only Certified Organic, Grade "A" ripe Noni fruit. No preservatives, no color, no water, no sugar, no fruit juice concentrates or other flavors added.

Why fermentation? Fermentation is a traditional and natural aging process (3-6 months) that increases the quantity and quality of naturally occurring properties. The process is 100% natural. There is no sugar, yeast or nutrients added to the Noni during or after fermentation. Only white ripe Noni will ferment properly. That means harvesting must be continuous, always waiting for only the ripe fruit, as unripe green or yellow fruit will not ferment. Therefore, more time is taken to harvest, prepare and pack this Noni using these time-tested methods than others who press fresh juice from all types of fruit. Like aging a fine wine, it is believed that the longer the Noni is fermented, the more its potential is realized.*

Noni fruit typically has a very powerful pungency in its taste and smell, which has been compared to a very strong and tangy cheese.

This noni juice is very mild compared to others. Although it still retains some of the characteristic pungency and odor of the fresh fruit, it has a pleasant subtle fruitiness with floral undertones, and much of the typical noni "bite" is absent, similar to Braggs Apple Cider vinegar.

Note: Noni juice contains no caffeine or similar substances.

Suggestions For Use: Those new to this product should begin with 1 oz per day in the morning. Servings can eventually be increased to 8-10 oz per day, up to two times per day as one becomes accustomed to the noni. Best served chilled if consumed by itself. Mix with water or other juices to improve the flavor. Add it to smoothies or use it in warm teas.


Noni is the common name for Morinda citrifolia, a tropical tree native to Polynesia, especially Tahiti and Hawaii. The fruit, leaves, stems and roots have all been used by Polynesian "Kahuna," or traditionals, for up to 2,000 years in foods and beverages.

The noni tree begins as a small blossoming shrub with leaves that can reach up to 25 cm in length. The tree can grow to a height greater than 10 meters. The plant produces an irregular, lumpy, egg-shaped fruit reaching a dozen or more centimeters in length. The ripe fruit has a strong, pungent odor. The seeds float due to inner air chambers and can withstand prolonged exposure to salt water. Noni is believed to have spread to Asia, Australia and the Americans initially by floating seeds on ocean currents and later by Polynesian traders and settlers. Noni was a founder crop to original peoples who populated the Hawaiian Islands.*

32 oz. bottle. Dietary Supplement.

Persons taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult their physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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