Excalibur (tm) 9-Tray Dehydrator

Excalibur (tm) 9-Tray Dehydrator

Excalibur ® 9-Tray Dehydrator

With over 12 square feet of drying area, this dehydrator has The Parallexx System™; horizontal airflow for maximum drying efficiency all for pennies a day to run.

And also features:
Thermostatically controlled temperature (range 85°-145°)
Very fast drying times (no tray rotation needed)
Square trays are easier to load as opposed to round trays, and no holes in the trays.
Easy cleanup, bottom is seamless so you just wipe up drips
Door lifts off for loading and cleaning
Use less trays for more space between trays (larger items)
Contains 9 mesh sheets that fit the dehydrator trays
Teflex is a registered trademark of Excalibur. Deluxe Exalibur Teflex Sheets may be purchased separately. For this package we will include five similar thinner non stick sheets. Most websites with great dehydrator deals fail to tell you the FREE sheets are a lower grade sheet then the Original Excalibur Teflex Sheet.

Specs: 2900 ECB or 2900 ECW
Perfect size for large families, gardeners, crafts people, herb growers, backpackers, living food enthusiasts and raw foodists who dehydrate several foods at one time or large amounts of one type of food.
9 Trays 15" X 15"
Unit Size: 23 lb, 12."H X 17" W x 19"D
600 watts
7" fan
Built in on/off switch

Dried herbs, dried tomatoes or vegetables, fruit roll-ups, dried fruit, making living breads, live pies, drying soaked nuts, warming living foods, and making your favorite dehydrated recipes. Excellent for warming winter dishes.

Fan forced, horizontal drying system mounted in rear provides more complete even drying. Adjustable thermostat (85 degress - 145 degress) allows a range of temperatures for drying a variety of foods, from herbs, to fruit, or to making your favorite dehydrated dishes. Polycrbonate trays are highly durable. They will not brake even if a truck drives over them. They trays and door removes to make clean up easy. Comes with a 1 yr. Warranty.

Types of Food You Can Dehydrate in your Dehydrator:

*Fruits & fruit leather. Some fruits conducive to dehydrating are apples, apricots, bananas and peaches. Create a fruit salad by tossing all of the dehydrated fruit chips in a bag with some cinnamon. To make the fruit leather combine chunks of fruit in a blender with honey or agave to create a roll of fruit leather. Just slice into strips and dehydrate so that you always have a quick & healthy snack on the go.

*Nuts/Oats/Granola. For extra fiber and protein, use your dehydrator to toast up some nuts and granola for a well-balanced breakfast that you don't need to cook.

*Make Homemade Jerky & Season it the Way you Like it!

*Vegetables, herbs & spices - keep them fresher longer! Preserve excess produce to add to soups, salads, & sauces.

*Make homemade Kale Chips, Flax Crackers & other assorted snacks & goodies.

*Remember to keep your temperature below 118 degrees to preserve Life Force!

Dehydrator may ship separately from the rest of your order.

110 Volt. Orders for Canada, HI and AK incur additional costs, fees, and shipping charges. International customers please call.


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