Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt (Coarse) 1 lb

Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt (coarse) 1 lb

This is a very course grind of the large crystals of Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt. The salt crystals come in various shades from colorless and transparent but usually from pink to dark rose. It is a holistic, natural form of salt crystals, pure living salt. Salts were subject to tremendous pressure when the Himalayan Mountains formed. The crystals have goodness locked within and can be absorbed and metabolized by your body.

Pristine primal oceans of our planet, for hundreds of millions of years, through the continual and unrelenting outpour of energy from the sun were slowly evaporated. This left behind a vast energy po-tential locked within the original salt. Then, surrendering to Nature's creative impulse, the salt was overcome by the heaving Earth as the Himalayan Mountains vaulted to the heavens. Subjected to tremendous pressure, forces beyond imagination, as the mountains heaved and swayed, the salt fused together into veins of pure, diamond-like crystal.

For many years the salt remained untouched, until now.

100% Himilayan pink crystal rock salt.

100% organic and VEGAN, naturally. Best when used preparing raw food.

Net Wt.: 16 oz

Happy days are here.

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